If I want to cancel my account, what are my options?

You can cancel your account at anytime, however the money back guarantee is only available to customers canceling their orders within the first 30 days of signing up for their EPIK Hosting account (Please note, day 1 is the day you sign up for your EPIK Hosting account). 

 For quarterly, 1, 2, and 3 year accounts that are beyond the 30 day trial period and therefore are not due a refund, we recommend that you wait until shortly before your renewal date to submit your cancellation request, otherwise you are forfeiting the service you have already paid for.  If you wish to cancel please visit http://epik.hosting/cancel/ and submit a cancellation request form. You are required to enter the e-mail address on file in your EPIK Hosting account on this form. Cancellation requests received from an e-mail address other than the primary e-mail address on the EPIK Hosting account will not be accepted. 

Once we have received your cancellation form you will be sent a TICKET ID.  Retain this for your records.  You will need to reply to the e-mail TICKET ID (do not alter the subject line when replying), to confirm the cancellation request we received (we require this for security and account verification purposes).  Once we have received your cancellation confirmation your cancellation will be processed within 7 business days.

If EPIK Hosting does not receive a cancellation request prior to the customer’s renewal we will renew the clients’ account 24 hours prior to the renewal date to avoid account lapses and we will apply the appropriate charges. Accounts will be automatically renewed under the same time and fee structure as the plan that the client signed up for (unless plan changes were made or upgraded between the time when the client signed up & their renewal date). The 30 day money back guarantee applies only to the start date of the clients’ service with EPIK Hosting and does not apply to renewals of service.

Please note, do NOT submit your cancellation request until you have backed up your files.

If you have any questions about submitting a cancellation request please submit an e-mail to billing@epik.hosting
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